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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

There’s no standard template for becoming or acting like an entrepreneur. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Entrepreneurs are born all over the globe, living different lives and seeking different values.

Yet, there are some things that almost all entrepreneurs have in common. Entrepreneurs are capable of making something out of nothing. They know how to come up with ideas and how to make them work. The real question is, how?


One of the defining characteristics of entrepreneurship is determination. Entrepreneurs know that they need to be the ones pushing their ideas and business forward – nobody else is going to do it for them.

Determination is about more than the obvious. Yes, it involves grit and persistence. But it’s also the ability to think strategically and critically. To know the odds and choose to push forward, creating the best path forward.


Entrepreneurship is all about responsibility. Entrepreneurs must learn early on that they have to take responsibility for their actions. They don’t blame others and instead understand that they can control the situation – and their business.

There are multiple sides to the concept of responsibility. Sometimes it’s about setting a good example for employees. Other times, it’s about taking ownership of a situation to gain control.


Entrepreneurs have goals. It’s a fact of life. Their way of thinking is highly goal-oriented, and that allows them to succeed in their business ventures. More importantly, they know how to make those goals realistic.

Setting a goal is different from creating a wishful thought. A goal requires specificity while also being measurable, attainable, and time-sensitive.


Creativity may not be the first trait that comes to mind when talking about entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs are inherently creative people. They are the idea people in a business, after all.

Entrepreneurs create ideas, solve problems, and come up with creative ways to run businesses. They use the tools available to the best of their ability, and the results can be surprising. 

Critical Thinking

Conversely, entrepreneurs tend to be skilled critical thinkers. They can look at a challenge and take it apart – separating the issues into distinct compartments. They see opportunities where most wouldn’t.

Entrepreneurs must handle many different aspects of their business, from the finances to hiring employees and everything in between. They create detailed business plans, form networks, and solve problems.

Looking into the Future

Part of being a goal-oriented person means that entrepreneurs are constantly looking into the future. While they are aware of the present – a requirement of running a business – they can also look ahead.

Looking ahead creates many opportunities while also leaving room for growth. This growth can be on an individual level but also a business level. This is one of the many ways an entrepreneur improves themself, and their chances of success.


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