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No matter how great your business ideas are, it is difficult to turn them into a business without investors. You may be able to rely on your family and friends when you are getting started, but at some point you will need capital to grow. Take a look at where to find investors for your business. 


Networking is a great place to look for investors, and there are plenty of opportunities in industry associations, chambers of commerce, local meetups, and more. You can try online directories that you locate with your social networks, and you should try to attend conferences. You might find investors, but you will also develop important business relationships that can help you grow and succeed. 

Pitch Night Events

You can attend pitch night events where you will have an opportunity to present your ideas. This will help you practice for the next time you meet with an investor, and there are investment groups who host these events. 

Participate in Incubator Events

Nonprofits often run incubator events to help startups become more successful. They are also run by business schools, civic groups, government agencies, and others. This offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to work on problem-solving. Some entrepreneurs apply to develop work as part of these incubator events, and they may get an opportunity to mentor as well. 


Crowdfunding is becoming more popular for startups, and there are a lot of different opportunities. There are several online, and you can share your business ideas and look for donations. Some sites, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo help you find donations, while others offer investment for an equity share. 

Angel Investors

Angel investors are wealthy people who are looking for businesses to invest in. They often offer financing for startups before they have proven themselves, and they have a goal of helping new businesses get up and running. 

Venture Capitalists

Once your business has proven itself somewhat, you can bring venture capitalists into the equation. They usually wait until you have a successful business and want to expand. They often have a large pool of funds and can get you the funding you need quickly if they like your ideas.