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A Guide to Authentic Branding

Your brand is your identity, and it is made up of the vision, culture, and customers of your company. They work together to create a perception, which is what people think of when they hear your company name. The key to creating a brand that is relevant today and will stay that way into the future is by creating an authentic brand. A brand is authentic when its purpose matches the values of the customers and the employees. 

The Story

Stories are a part of the human experience. People tell them to help people understand how to behave in unfamiliar circumstances. In branding, you have the customer as the hero, the conflict is a tension in their life, and the company is there to help them through the conflict. 

The collection of stories about a brand are part of its identity. Customers may tell stories about the products, and employees tell stories about working for the company. These stories work together to create the perception that is the brand. Companies can’t control the stories or the perception, but they can have a vision that sets the stage. 

What Is Vision?

The vision is the perception you want people to have about the company. It must be driven by a purpose, which is the company’s value. Everything should be driven by this value and lead to a common goal. The central value is about what the purpose of the company is, as well as what it is not. It includes how the company can help people overcome tensions in life. Customers and employees contribute to the brand through their thoughts on how well the company fulfills its vision. 

The Role of Company Culture

The company culture is centered around its core values. They influence the way things are done every day to move the company toward its vision. These core values need to be connected to actions and behaviors, as the culture is how people behave. If a business wants a strong company culture, they need to reinforce specific behaviors that lead to their vision. The culture lets the customer know how genuine the vision of the company is. 

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