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3 Celebrities With Thriving Businesses

While it can be said that celebrities have an unfair advantage when it comes to their business success, it doesn’t erase the thought and diligent work that they put into creating their empires. It is becoming a more common occurrence for famous persons to establish businesses of their own and add to their income. Discover three of these celebrities with thriving businesses below.

Lauren Conrad

First gaining fame on MTV’s Laguna Beach in her high school years, Lauren has since risen from the ranks of reality television and has emerged as one of America’s sweethearts. Throughout her career, she has established her own website and clothing line and has authored several books. Perhaps one of her most treasured accomplishments is her business, The Little Market. This nonprofit fair trade shop sells artisan-made products from around the world, and each purchase goes to support the individuals in these communities. This thriving business of Lauren’s has gone to positively impact numerous lives and bring attention to issues faced around the globe.

Tony Hawk

The skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk, has added many successes to his name on top of his championship titles. Digging deeper into this passion, Tony founded the following businesses: Birdhouse Skateboards, Hawk Clothing and Tony Hawk Signature Series, which focuses on sporting goods. In 1999, he also helped in the production of his own video game, Tony Hawk’s™ Pro Skater™. In the previous decades, the game has become a billion-dollar franchise.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams may be a sensational tennis player, but she also has formed a handful of successful businesses showing off her other talents. EleVen is her activewear brand that produces tennis apparel that doubles as everyday attire. She began this company with the dream to provide women with confidence on and off the course. In addition to this successful company, Venus is the owner of V Starr, a full-service commercial and residential interior design firm based in South Florida. Ringing in as her third company is Happy Viking, which began as a Vanilla plant protein shake and has since grown into an array of nutritious plant-based products.

These well-known figures are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to celebrity-owned businesses. While these household names may have had an advantage over unknown entrepreneurs just starting out, it is clear evidence that individuals can branch out from their main careers to create thriving businesses that benefit both themselves and their communities.


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